Storyngton Hall

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Restore this stately mansion from the XIX century


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Storyngton Hall is a fun match-3 puzzle game that combines narrative perfection, graphics, restoration and decoration games with puzzles. This time around, you'll find yourself helping a 19th century family that has just arrived at their new property -- a house in ruins.

With the help of their astonishing fortunes, this family is forced to prove that they are worthy of their luxurious properties, so it's up to you to adapt and decorate their mansion tastefully. In order to do so, you'll have to solve match 3 puzzles. In each level you get a certain number of pieces that you'll also have a limited number of movements to solve of them with. When you solve each puzzle, you'll also receive an economic compensation that you can invest in decorating the house to your liking. As you advance in your decor attempts, new spaces in the house are unlocked, as well as elements that you can improve on or level up your style with.

One of the highlights of Storyngton Hall is that the game distributes its content by objectives that you can always look up in a diary. This helps you to know at any time what your next mission is and the number of puzzles you have to solve in order to fulfill it, along with providing a sense of satisfaction when completing a job well done.

Storyngton Hall is a home decorating game with match-3 puzzles that fulfills its mission of providing you with hours of fun. Plus, its production values are absolutely extraordinary.
By Erika Okumura